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Farewell to Kavana. This will be the second time in a calendar year that I will have to say goodbye to something I love so dear. Sonya Raybould the beautiful queen and I started our journey long before any of you knew us. We are the dynamic duo and could do anything together. We lost Sonya October 6th but the sound of her voice still vibrates through my heart like she's never been gone. I wasn't sure at first how I was going to move on and still run a restaurant without her. I took off 3 months and asked Dino, Tony, and Jon with the staff to run it for me. I knew that couldn't last for long and then someone came along to help me out and possibly purchase. The purchase did not happen but I was able to come back with a different focus in my heart. Laurie Muniak gave me the courage to find purpose again in these 4 walls. I almost closed the doors in January but we have Laurie to thank for managing along side myself to keep Kavana going just a little longer. I wish it could be forever but even good things must come to an end. Staffing has been a huge challenge and I can not keep working 60 hrs per week. I decided to close and place the restaurant for sale. I truly hope someone great comes into this spot. Ron and Audrey thank you for everything. You chose us for this place and we loved every moment. Thank you to my amazing husband Ben who has always just understood me and my crazy love for the restaurant. Thank you Mom, Dad, Dave and Heather for always having a my back. Thank you Pepper for getting us through the hardest year of our lives and thank you Sonya... You know what you mean to me.

- Serena (Raybould) Evans




"Hi! We are Serena Raybould Evans &  Sonya Raybould  -  2 sisters on a mission!  Both of us started our first jobs in the restaurant industry as hosts and dishwashers when we were just 15 or 16. We knew it was love at first sight! There is just something so magical about entertaining and feeding people for a living. Our job is where people go to relax and unwind! How fun is that? We know you are going to love our new restaurant Kavana Social Kitchen: an open kitchen concept with exciting dishes, local ingredients, music, scenic patios, an extensive wine list, local craft beers, creative cocktails and a completely shareable menu. Kavana is the place to come and be yourself and not break the bank. Come join us"

Sonya Raybould & Serena Raybould Evans

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